If I lined up a group of men and told you that one of them was a murderer, another a rapist, and the last was normal, which one would you choose to be the normal one? More often then not, you would choose the normal looking one. However this is a incorrect way of thinking.
We presume that evil hides in the darkest places, in monsters and abominations that are in our greatest nightmares. We forge our illusion that we can not, and will never be affected by such horrible things. They are of a different world in our minds. So we do not deal with the issue at hand. We forget and move on with our lives. However, this. Is. Wrong.
Just because you see no evil nor hear no evil does not mean there IS no evil. Evil can be anyone and anything. It does not matter if you are not affected. Others are. And they are suffering and burning with the mark that evil has given them. They live with such scars that truly, no one else can ever FULLY comprehend. The safety of their mind, becomes their own prison. We as a society, a HUMANE society, should not and can not let this continue. By shrugging off these problems, chalking it up to men geing men (Which is the shittiest excuse I have ever heard of), or how she/he provoked it. How can someone provoke such evil upon themselves? They are the VICTIMS, not the participants! Take for example: rape. Its one of the black sheep of our society. We do not like to discus it and rather turn a blind eye towards it. No matter how many bullshit excuses such as “She or he was intoxicated and was not in their right mind.” or “She/he was asking for it.” If I remember correctly, there was a clear defintion about CONSENSUAL sex. It means both parties are in their right state of mind and are WILLING to partake in coitus. Should we parden murderers for killing people because the victim was “asking for it?”.
Evil can only occur, if good men do nothing. And that is exactly what this once great society is doing. By turning their backs on these crimes we not only fail these current victims, but future victims as well. I want my children to grow up in a safe society, where the word justice not only signifies punishment but as well as protection. But if we can not accept that evil exists, this. Will. Never. Happen. This is the first step, recognizing evil not only in others, but as well in ourselves. From there we can move on towards fixing the problem( I’ll discuss this in another post)
People I beg of you to remember that the darkest evil you will ever face lies not in others, but in yourself.


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